Seattle Esoteric Book Conference 2014


As a speaker at Seattle Esoteric Book Conference 2014, I presented a lecture entitled “Drinking from the Haunted Well: A mystical exploration in the Fairy Land of A. E. Waite.”

Golden Dawn alum Arthur Edward Waite is commonly remembered for his long and technical tomes of scholarly mysticism. It might surprise many modern readers to learn that his body of work also contains a beautifully interwoven mythos of esoteric Romances, set in a visionary realm of fairies. Waite carried this secret kingdom in his heart throughout his life, even into his late, post-Golden Dawn work.

In this talk, I explored how Waite’s largely ignored fiction, drama, and poetry can be used to better understand the challenging concepts we encounter in his “Holy Grail,” “Holy Kabbalah,” and other non-fiction works.

Praise for Drinking from the Haunted Well:

“Stuart presented an in depth look at the fantastical writing of A. E. Waite. It was amazingly coherent, covering a lot of material. It cast Waite into a very interesting light, encouraging one to do some reading of Waite. It, the talk, had implications for the place of myth in spiritual practice; how much more satisfying are the elliptical and challenging than the doctrinal and dogmatic.”

— Michael E. Bacon, Co-organizer of GnosticNYC