Upcoming event: Apibus in Brooklyn


When we played at Summer’s Wane, Nighttime caught us totally by surprise as one of the most interesting new acts. We are really pleased to be opening for this talented artist on the NYC stop of her tour. Our pal Emily Frembgen will round out the lineup, making this a great night of ethereal folk music in which I will be the only male artist performing!

The show will be at the Gateway, a massive, three story venue that has just opened in Bushwick. You can check out the Facebook event page for all the details.

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Upcoming event: Apibus in Baltimore


On Sunday, December 20th, Apibus will hit the road to provide support for Bain Wolfkind on the Baltimore stop of his US tour. The bill will also include one of the best East Coast neofolk acts of recent years, Blood and Sun. Sure to be quite a night!

For more info, check out Heathen Harvest.

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Enrollment now open for new session of Tarot Symbolism 101


This January, I’ll be returning to Tarot Society Gallery & Reading Room for another round of my Tarot course. For anyone who is specifically interested in what lies behind the pictures that ornament the cards of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, this is a rigorous instruction that merges art history, theology, and textual criticism. Space is filling pretty quickly this time around, so anyone who wants to reserve a spot should register on the Tarot Society website as soon as possible!

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Summer’s Wane festival

summers wane

It’s official. Apibus, the band for which I am proud to provide vocals and rhythm guitar, will be performing at the Summer’s Wane festival in August. Our song, “Vargkorset,” is featured on the associated compilation, which you can listen to here. It is something I wrote largely for my mother, whose Catholic faith was stirred by the death of her own mother.

My mother had always been fond of St. Francis, and decided to make a pilgrimage to Assisi. It caused me to think about my relationship to the divine beings venerated by my ancestors, both near and distant. In religions that involve ancestor veneration, it is always tempting to focus upon our more distant forebearers whom we can idealize, rather than the ones closest to us. My mother did not always get along with my grandmother, a relationship that echoed down into our own parent-child relationship. Watching her struggle to come to terms with her estranged mother’s faith made me want to confront Christianity as a part of the story of my family. The wolf of Gubbio struck me as a sympathetically heathen presence in the mythos of St. Francis. The song is named for an object of uncertain identity and origin, found in Iceland. It is a pendant that might be either a cross or a Thor’s hammer, exhibiting both Celtic and Nordic characteristics. Its name means “wolf cross” in Icelandic.

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Tarot Society to host upcoming class


I am happy to announce that the upcoming session of my class will be held at the new Tarot Society Reading Room & Gallery! This is a great space, and I am very much looking forward to being a part of it.

You can learn more about the class and the venue here.

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Summer session coming up for Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Symbolism 101


On  July 6th, I will be taking on a new group of students for Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Symbolism 101. This nineteen-week, college level course will meet Monday nights from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Classes will run through the end of November.

To enroll, contact Stuart Südekum–

Email: stuartsudekum@gmail.com

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Feast of Fools to launch first webcast event


When I started the Feast of Fools event series back in 2013, I had always intended for it to be able to reach the many people all over the country that I have met through my researches, as well as all the friends I’ve made through various magical and religious gatherings over the years. We have attempted to get it recorded from time to time, but until now, it never came together well enough that it would be worth putting out there as an example of what the project was about.

I’m happy to say that, with the help of my pal Fred Jennings, we will be hosting our first webcast event this Saturday. You can get a ticket here:


Fred has been involved with the venue where I host most of my events since day one, and in recent months he has stepped up to become a more active part of Feast of Fools. This Saturday, I’ll be leading a discussion between him and Mallorie Vaudoise on the subject of computers as a mystical tool.

Fred, whose straight job is as a cybersecurity lawyer, will elucidate the two-way dialogue between computer technology theory and modern chaos magic, and explore the initiatory role of interactive software as a created and fantastical world that enables and informs the practitioner.

Mallorie, a computer programmer and apocalyptic witch, will explore the intersection between our modern technological world and the techniques of traditional witchcraft, examining the new ways of thinking engendered by functional programming as a magical language.

Following the lecture portion of the evening, we have arranged for  big screen playthrough of the 1994 DOS adventure game Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness. We will spend the rest of the night serving free wine while we provide a Gnostic MST3K commentary for this bizarre artifact from the golden age of pixel art.

false christ

For those of you in the New York area who are interested in attending the event in person, you can get more information here:


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