Feast of Fools to launch first webcast event


When I started the Feast of Fools event series back in 2013, I had always intended for it to be able to reach the many people all over the country that I have met through my researches, as well as all the friends I’ve made through various magical and religious gatherings over the years. We have attempted to get it recorded from time to time, but until now, it never came together well enough that it would be worth putting out there as an example of what the project was about.

I’m happy to say that, with the help of my pal Fred Jennings, we will be hosting our first webcast event this Saturday. You can get a ticket here:


Fred has been involved with the venue where I host most of my events since day one, and in recent months he has stepped up to become a more active part of Feast of Fools. This Saturday, I’ll be leading a discussion between him and Mallorie Vaudoise on the subject of computers as a mystical tool.

Fred, whose straight job is as a cybersecurity lawyer, will elucidate the two-way dialogue between computer technology theory and modern chaos magic, and explore the initiatory role of interactive software as a created and fantastical world that enables and informs the practitioner.

Mallorie, a computer programmer and apocalyptic witch, will explore the intersection between our modern technological world and the techniques of traditional witchcraft, examining the new ways of thinking engendered by functional programming as a magical language.

Following the lecture portion of the evening, we have arranged for  big screen playthrough of the 1994 DOS adventure game Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness. We will spend the rest of the night serving free wine while we provide a Gnostic MST3K commentary for this bizarre artifact from the golden age of pixel art.

false christ

For those of you in the New York area who are interested in attending the event in person, you can get more information here:



About Stuart Südekum

Stuart Südekum is a writer and educator currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. He is the co-founder of Feast of Fools, an educational event series on the art and science of mysticism. He has lectured on the western esoteric tradition for a number of organizations and institutions, including the New York School of Visual Arts (SVA), Morbid Anatomy Museum, and the Seattle Esoteric Book Conference. His writing has and appeared in periodicals such as Clavis Journal and Heathen Harvest, and he is presently preparing an annotated edition of Waite’s seminal "Pictorial Key to the Tarot".
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