New version of “Vargkorset” recorded for Brave Mysteries saint project

Communion of Saints Vargkorset art

Brave Mysteries is one of my favorite labels, so when they offered me a chance to record a new version of the St. Francis song that I wrote for my mom, I was very flattered. This new version of “Vargkorset” is part of a year-long project to release songs about saints on their feast days, the climax of which will be November 1st, All Saints’ Day.   You can follow the progress of this growing collection of tracks on bandcamp.

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Apibus featured on Divided We Fall II


In the summer of 2014, Morituri Te Salutant put out an amazing compilation. Limited to just 100 copies in 180 gram black vinyl, it assembled previously unreleased tracks from giants of North American dark folk and post-industrial music, including Changes and David E. Williams, alongside some of the genre’s most promising newcomers, such as our pals in Night Profound and Blood and Sun. I’m extremely excited to say that a second volume has been released, and I’m on it with Apibus! You can listen to this worthy follow up—featuring Clay Ruby, Kinit Her, In Ruin, and more—at bandcamp.

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Tarot Symbolism class resumes in October


After a break this summer to write and play music, I’ll be back at Tarot Society this fall for a new semester of my class on Arthur Waite’s iconic images. You can write to to receive a copy of the syllabus, or head over to the gallery’s website to enroll.

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New Apibus track on Summer’s Wane 2016 compilation

SW 16

Apibus has be asked back to this year’s Summer’s Wane, and I’m proud to say that our new track, “Dog Days,” has been selected to open the new 2016 compilation. This is a great mix featuring exclusive material from some of our favorite people.

If you like what you hear, all of these bands and more will be performing over the course of a spectacular three-day event in August. More than just a music festival, there will be talks, dance, storytelling, books and unique goods for sale, heathen ceremony, as well as an amazing atmosphere of frith and fellowship in beautiful Vermont countryside. This will absolutely be the highlight of our year, and we hope as many of our friends as possible can be there to share it!

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Upcoming event: Apibus in New Hampshire


On June 17th, I’ll be performing with Apibus as we convene with Aerial Ruin, Dwell in Moonblood, and Nathaniel Larochette (who provided acoustic interludes on Agalloch’s The Serpent & the Sphere) for a night of haunting folk tunes in Peterborough. Hope to see all our New Hampshire friends there!

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Follow-up to ARRVLS interview


Since the podcast I did with Karen Robins only featured my voice without any input from the interviewer, Jonathan Hirsch wanted to go deeper on their “En Route” supplement and hear from Karen about her thoughts on our interaction. Though I must admit my dismay at the title Witches are the New Hipsters, this is actually a pretty good discussion. Thanks to Karen and Jonathan for taking the time to go past the surface level.

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Interview on ARRVLS


An interview I did back in March of 2014 has been featured on ARRVLS, a podcast that “explores the impact of unexpected events in the lives of everyday men and women using the themes of migration, transformation, and change as a guide.” Karen Robins has done quite a job with it, cutting the audio up and putting in music and sound effects. Interesting to hear it like this after so long!

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